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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Ok...just watched it...I now see what you mean....The Geinvikk part was different ok fine....Introducing the dynamics between Church, Military and Templeron Crowley in two minutes doesn't bode well though. Like the Blood Rain occuring the same time as the Silver Familiar gave Hinata's warning....

Major reshuffling of storyline....

I have no issues with the ED though.
Anyone who's been keeping pace has already realized just how much ZEXCS has begun distorting Itsu-Ten's storyline, still... as you said, the signs don't bode well for any future improvement; not that I really expect them, but whatever.

With respect to the ED, it's not that I have a problem with the ED itself, but rather in that ZEXCS is wasting more of its budget on a 2nd one only three episodes in. In all my years watching anime, I've never seen that before.

Why is this a problem, some might ask? Given all that we've seen thus far in Itsu-Ten... the unnecessary fan service, story butchering, cheesy dialogue, etc, why should ZEXCS see fit to utilize its budget creating multiple endings when they could be putting it towards far more deserving prospects? As I've already put forth, I believe it's yet another attempt on their end to promote female leads and try to increase sales.

When all is said and done... these hollow attempts that sacrifice the potential of a beautiful story and its characters leave a distasteful feeling.
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