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Episode was pretty good. I was pretty worried after the last one.

some comments:

-I thought Ali was actually a washed-up Patrick but he turned out to be someone completely different. I was a bit disappointed Patrick was not
allowed to develop his character further, he's just a joke character of gundam 00 now and probably for the rest of the series.

-The top tier gundams owning everyone up as usual. What I don't get is that week after week Setsuna is tested by new prototypes, while the other 3 gundan meisters get to fight scrubs and drink hot cocoa.

-The one good thing about this show is that every episode we are seeing at least one new MS. Well, this is gundam afterall, not lelouche's rebellion.

-Setsuna doesn't show appreciation for gifts or gundam upgrades...likes to keep to himself. He's a very introverted character many anime watchers can probably relate to I guess?

-I saw the Exia throw knives and now has this GN particle blade.....but won't that be bad if he leaves this technology behind in battle? I'm guessing this is probably how the AEU will get their hands on this technology so they can produce stronger prototypes. Btw, who was that random scientist introduced? He just appeared out of nowhere with the upgrades. I guess I cant complain, it's gundam.

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