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Hey just wanted to chime in. I'm not sure if you've read the other thread I posted in. It was the one about Asian women not dating Asian men. Anyways, for those of you who don't know, I'm black, not Asian. I just posted in that thread because I had an issue and wanted some guidance to go along with it. Well here's my issue.

So the new semester at my university in San Francisco started in September. Through the first several weeks I found myself attracted to this girl that caught my eye within the school building where one of my illustration classes is. It took me quite some time to talk to her, but after a while I finally did so. Long story short in that regard, she wasn't the one for me I discovered. She's already taken, and it didn't seem like things would ever work out. Extremely nice girl though.

So fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving. Two of the intermediate figure drawing illustration classes are visiting Stanford University for the day to sketch some of the figure sculptures that are there. So I'm there and there's this cute Asian girl (I think of Chinese descent) from the other class that's also illustrating. I hadn't really seen her before because she's in the other class normally when we're back in our usual work building on the university's main campus in San Francisco. So it's towards the end of the day, and I'm waiting outside for the instructor's to dismiss class. I see her walking around and think about going up and talking to her, but decide not to. Then, she sits down next me. Didn't really take notice that she was sitting next to me. I guess she was just waiting for class to be dismissed as well. So it seems like fate has provided me with a better chance to do something. Well, if you believe in divine intervention that is. Anyways, I take hold of this chance and strike up a conversation with her. Everything seemed to go fine. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about trying to continue my quest for someone else so quickly after I found out things with the previous person wouldn't work. I thought I was acting too desperate. Or something. That's when I came here and conversed about it if some of you recall. At any rate, the first conversation went well with this girl. She was quite nice also.

So a week later, I see her back at the university say "hi" real quick or whatever and that was that. But I wanted things to start clicking and perhaps get some contact information or something, but I knew the semester was going to end soon. So a week passes, don't see her. So today, the second to the last day of class, I had my shot once again. This time, I took grasp of the opportunity I had. She was heading out on her way to lunch or something. Both of our classes have lunch breaks around the same time. She was going to Starbucks, and I basically asked if I could join her. She seemed a"uneasy" at first, but she was cool with it. The whole thing lasted about 30 to 40 minutes. That includes walking to Starbucks, sitting down and talking for a while, and walking back. So, I guess it was mixed results for the most part. I mean the good news I think is that we seem to have a lot in common. It's very strange. We're both third year illustration students, we're both graduates from the class of 2005 from our respective high schools, we both seem to be into manga and such and even read a couple of the same exact titles at the moment, and we both live about the same distance away, except in opposite directions. She even has the same name as my mother, which was kind of strange at first, but whatever. So I thought this was a good foundation for at least building a friendship and maybe something after that you know? She's quite down to Earth, and hip in her own right, but not totally stuck up or anything. At least from what I can tell. So it's like she's half nerd/half beauty queen. Stereotypically speaking of course. Right, so as we're walking back and talking, she asked if she can see some of my illustrations via Facebook. So, that really made me feel a little more comfortable, because she may have been interested in something that I "brought to the table". So later on, I gave her my Facebook information.

So at that point, I was satisfied for the most part. I mean, things had gone well. It's just that there were a few awkward moments, when I couldn't think of things to say, or she couldn't either. Or maybe she just didn't want to talk. I have no clue. I don't think I came on to strongly in terms of asking her if I could join her for lunch.

So after about an hour of going back to class and drawing, I step back outside the classroom door because the model in our class was taking a break. So I was outside, and about to call a friend of mine. And then I see her yet again. Right down the hallway. I kind of pretended not to see her, because well...I don't know, I didn't want to seem like a stalker or whatever. So I'm talking on my cell phone, and I notice that she goes back towards her class around this set of lockers. And at the moment she's in plain sight of seeing me, she kind of know when people have a headache and put their hand up towards their head? She kind of did that gesture right before she stepped back into class. At that point, I felt...really dejected. Like she totally didn't want to strike up any small talk or something. Here's a little diagram of what happened:

I mean like I said, I wasn't looking at her during the moment directly, I could just see what she did out of the corner of my eye. When I went back to class, I kept going on and on in my mind what I could have did wrong during the course of the day. I mean, I was quite nice (at least I believe so), tried to make sure she was comfortable, never let an awkward silence last for a long period of time, and didn't do any strange things. I mean we have a lot in common it looks like, and she seemed kind of interested when we talked about those things. I just don't understand it. It's like there's some x-factor I'm missing that I can't figure out. Maybe she just doesn't like my appearance? Do I really look that bad?

Spoiler for Photo of me:

I just don't understand it. Which is why it's so frustrating in a sense. What must I do to get this girl to like me? I mean, if she doesn't, I guess that's fine. My heart has already been beaten to a pulp. I just wish she would be outright about the whole thing...instead of sending mixed signals. Oy. I know we just met, but...ermmm...something just doesn't seem right.

Well, I did give her my Facebook information, so I guess if she wants to be my friend...I'll know something more. Any opinions on the situation?

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