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Originally Posted by Eagle8819 View Post
I've already double checked with the mod, so despite a previous chapter having M-rating, the rest are safely T and below. And thus, I...spam.

Resplendence of Ebony, part IV, is now up.


And Satashi-san, if you don't mind, please add in RoE in the archive, too.

*goes to read previous pages*
I love the crazy, extreme situations you place your characters in. Such tough choices for Nanoha to make. It makes you think on what you would do in that situation. The raw emotion they're all feeling in such a desperate situation is very realistic.

My stomach did a flip when I realized what needed to be done for the "game." Heck, I felt desperate right along with Nanoha. I didn't want what needed to happen, happen, but then I also didn't want to see the others die.

I look forward to the next chapter. (You evil cliffhanger person)
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