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It's the year 3030...
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Originally Posted by KurayamiLeader View Post
At least your honest, that's what counts.

And I'm somewhat behind schedule on Raiu (not that not anyone's keeping track)
Originally Posted by Zaku Hyuga View Post
I've been slacking about writing mine too, and also haven't had time as I'm preparing to take the end of year tests to see if I get to go to the next grade.
I've been with you guys on the lazy train. Actually, I've been suffering from terrible writer's block (which is a cop out, but also is true), and have been drowning myself in WoW and Super Mario RPG. I've got bits and pieces of the next chapter written, it's just taking an excruciatingly long time.
Originally Posted by KurayamiLeader View Post
I have no end of year tests to take <<<<<<< already graduated

Plus I only test-piloted my highschool's end of year exam, meaning if my class failed them it wouldn't count against us. Our Senior Project was a different story entirely

On-Topic: For those of you who have been reading (hopefully everyone) new Raius soon, I promise. And if I don't fulfill my end of the deal, then I will send you a $1 in the mail
I'd like a dollar anyway, if you don't mind

Originally Posted by Zaku Hyuga View Post
Sweet! Now all we have to do is hire someone to tie him up for a week and we each get a buck

P.S. Has Quzor been kidnapped? I haven't seen him on forever.
Yes, I was kidnapped. But the kidnappers left me alone in their home, unbound, so I walked out the front door. I just got home a couple of minutes ago.

Actually, I've been rather consumed by WoW again, recently. Plus catching up with old friends (since I just moved back home), and suffering from a horrible case of creative emptiness. I promise though, I'll do my best to have the new chapter out asap; probably next Tuesday.
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