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Originally Posted by Zaku Hyuga View Post
Nice to have you back! I feel you on the creative emptiness as well. I just can'e decide how the next couple chapters should go.
Seriously, I'm right there. I finished that last chapter with the "explosions" bit, and now I'm totally at a loss. I know exactly what I want to do, but I think I went about setting it up in totally the wrong way. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to break out of this bubble of emptiness and put together a few solid chapters for next week. That way, when I disappear for a few weeks next time, I'll at least have done some work to warrant it.

Edit: I think, with the exception of the newest chapter and episode threads, and these two "create" threads, I'm giving up on this forum, to be honest. It's getting to be overly monotonous having to read redundant replies, arguments and opinions, and try to have a relatively intelligent conversation with people here any more. I guess I'll just save that for the General Chat forum.
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