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Some other random comments:

Ai x Nobuse! Happy for them.
It is good that they can go back to being friends. IT was really cool that Nobuse also was already headed for Aiko's shop when she made the call. That was a really nice coincidence that both of them decided to renew their friendship at the same time! This season had two of my favaorite romance shows show that people can stay friends even after a break. I wouldn't mind if the producers hookthem up by episode 13, but I think they will leave it ambiguous and up to the audience imagination.

One thing is for sure, Aiko's feelings for nobuse were the same type of feelings that Shin has for Aiko. Now with their friendship renewed maybe Aiko can see Nobuse's good points and if they can't get pass that limitation, having a cute girl as a friend is not that bad as Aiko said. This time Nobuse won't be hunted by Shin's ghost.

Did anyone notice that during the dance practice, how the camera focus in the table with refreshement. Aiko's absence was highlighted as she moving on.
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