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Originally Posted by tripperazn View Post
I'm 6'1", at 149 lbs.

Actually, I think those measurements are totally irrelevant to your health. BMI is a horrible way of measuring fitness. Since muscle is 3 times heavier than fat for the same volume, most bodybuilders have >30 BMI and are considered obese. Body fat percentage is much better. You can ask your doctor to perform the test for you with calipers. Ideally for a guy, you want somewhere around 10%.

You need to eat as many meals as you can. Since you are at a desk all day, either at work or at home, make a point to eat portioned meals at set times (NOT fast food, healthy, high protein). I think anywhere over 5-6 meals is fine. The point is to keep your metabolism going all day, not just three times a day after meals. On a heavy workout day, eat about 2500kcal. On a resting day, eat about 1500kcal. You need the calories. Mass is very hard to gain if you aren't eating enough protein. Aim for at least 100 grams per day, anything under that and you are losing muscle.

Do NOT drink soda. The high fructose corn syrup in the soda and processed foods are extremely bad for you. Avoid sugary food, period. Avoid going out to eat unless you are with friends. Seriously, look up the nutrition facts for Chipotle...Jack in the Box is pretty bad as well.

Learn to cook! A list of food/ingredients I like: canned tuna (cheap protein), chicken legs/thighs (cheaper and tastier than breast meat, make sure to trim the fat), smoked almonds (tasty, good source of healthy fat and protein), cottage cheese (very low fat source of protein)
+1 to everything listed here -- except for the body fat percentage.

You can go 15-20% and still be overall healthy. 10% is more a goal if you're looking for the six-pack abs.

Zaris, look up the Rippetoe workout. It's far better a weight routine than what you posted you do (pushups/curls), and the Rippetoe builds tons of usable strength.
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