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Chicken or Beef?
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Want some tips? Thats easy enough. Eat, don't ever let your body go hungry, it'll slow down your metabolism. Personal trainers recommend that you eat 5 ~ 6 times a day. In reasonable portions that is. Try not to skip out on meals as it tends to cause you to eat too much in one sitting which makes it difficult to digest properly. Also, take into consideration that weight doesn't mean anything if you are building muscle density as muscle is heavier than fat.

Also, despite what others may say, fat is good for you. Without fat you cannot survive and your body will starve causing your metabolism to falter. If you wan't to lose "fat" is in the jiggly parts, burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis. Lets say you consume 2000 calories, if you burn 4000 calories, IIRC, you lose 1lb.

2000 calories is basically the recommended daily consumption of daily calories to keep your body from going hungry. If you burn 3000 or more, you'll be good. If you maintain that sort of regiment you'll be lean in a matter of a few months. Its a matter of staying dedicated. You sound rather average to me. But if you really wanna be twigs... not much I can tell you, as I think its rather unhealthy. I'm rather bias in some ways that I think a man should have a certain amount of muscle mass.
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