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I eat and drink all day. Thanks to mom, I have fruit and a healthy sandwitch which I consume around the 11am or 3:30pm period, depending on what I'm in the mood for. Maybe I should just have more of mom's cooking - while I still have her. When I move to L.A. in 2009, I'm not gonna have that healthy luxury.
"All day" is probably not ideal in practice. In theory, it's perfect, by constant intake, your metabolism is always kept at it's peak. However, there is no way that you can realistically keep yourself from overindulging or under-eating at times. Eat at set times throughout the day with set caloric intake.

Also, it's easy to say "I'll eat what I feel like", but it's also not good for bodybuilding. Your body has a requisite intake for all sorts of macro and micro-nutrients. If you don't fulfill them, your body is not at peak performance. This means possibly not being able to complete your workout, which leads to much smaller gains (all of your gains are made at the end of your workout). Pick and choose your foods carefully and deliberately. As Papaya said, 75% of bodybuilding is diet. That is the consensus in the bodybuilding community.

Your Mom's cooking is highly unlikely to give you the 100+ grams of protein you need everyday, not to mention carbs and good fats for your recovery.

Micro-nutrients are relatively easy. One good multi-vitamin will usually suffice. Optional supplements like BCAAs and creatine are pretty cheap and speed bulking significantly. I think you would spend about $20 a month for both at the recommended dose. Take in a lot of salt and iron (iron for upping red blood cell count, salts to replenish what is lost in sweat and to power muscle contraction/neural firing). Calcium is vital to strengthen bone to handle stress from lifting, as well as in the basic biochemistry of muscle contraction. Red meat should take care of all 3 to some degree. Drink more milk to get a lot of efficiently absorbed calcium. Multi-vitamin capsules lack all 3 in sufficient quantities.

Instead of waiting until you move out, start cooking for yourself now. Go to Costco and buy wholesale packs of lean meat (I like chicken thighs, it's less than $1/lb), trim the fat then grill. I don't know if they have one in Saratoga, but I know there is one in Mountain View where I go that isn't too far from you. This is the only way you're getting protein. The protein shakes are very very expensive and disgusting to drink.

BTW, fruits generally pack too much sugar to be good for you. Apples and bananas are just about the only 2 I'd recommend.

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