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Originally Posted by Papaya View Post
Hmm, I wouldn't suggest something like that. Squats and deadlifts aren't easy to transition into if you've been doing pushups and curls all your life. 99% of the people at the gym--including the big guys--aren't doing squats and deadlifts right anyways =X
Probably true.

But he should still incorporate them into his workout.

Originally Posted by tripperazn View Post
Sure, I know plenty of successful athletes with over 15%, but the ideal, at least IMHO, is at 10% body fat eventually. It's a fine line to eat enough to build mass, but not too much so that you become fat over time.
Ideal? Around there, yes.

But it doesn't sound like the goal is competitive athletics.

If the goal is to be in decent shape, enough that you'll be healthy throughout your life, you can afford to be significantly over that ten percent mark.

You wouldn't be ideal, but you would still be fit enough that you shouldn't have to worry about heart disease or diabetes. And you'd still get to eat ice cream once in a while.
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