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Originally Posted by mg1942 View Post
What the Greatest Generation handed down to us — the richest, most powerful, most self-sufficient republic in history, with the highest standard of living any nation had ever achieved — the baby boomers, oblivious and self-indulgent to the end, have frittered away.

Last 2 paragraphs of Buchanan's essay. I wouldn't change a word of it. Very well written and said.
(this Post isn't really directed at you mg1942, it is more of a partial rant at ol'Pat.)

Oh Pat, you have some to teach us, but still so much to learn.

The Baby Boomer generation, easily the most self-indulgent American generation, are not the perpetrators of this long time coming economic failure. This article is blaming the victim but not the "criminal".

It was the "Greatest Generation" that removed our currency from the gold standard and helped to create the Federal Reserve that has so foolishly squandered our resources. Added to that, it wasn't until the early 1990s that Baby Boomers even attained enough power to shift our economy in other directions, before that, the globalization of our economy was lead by David Rockefeller and other like minded businessmen. What about the Korean and more importantly the Vietnam war and all the other bloodshed in the name of democracy against unknown and ultimately sometimes none existing threats (I am still trying to figure out why the "Greatest Generation" destroyed South America, let alone the Middle East), that led to hundreds of billions being spent for absolutely no reason. What about the long running failed energy policies? or even Nafta? All enacted by the "Greatest Generation". Who controlled Wall Street? The Educational System? Who created "unlimited credit"? Need I say more, cause there is still much more to say.

Pat, you really need to learn that simply because something happened recently, does not necessarily make it the fault of the younger generation. The vast majority of our leaders for the past 60 years have been members of the "Greatest Generation", and you shifting the blame to the preceding generation is very low, and even a little sickening (though, I will admit that the Baby Boomers are at fault for being to self-indulgent, and, of course, not voting the various scum out of office when they could have). We are all partially responsible for this crisis, of that you are correct, but do not forget who gladly and willingly led us down this avenue.

edit: Now having read the full article (and not just the two supplied paragraphs, let me say that many of the things he listed as being bad are in fact very good (such as globalization or borrowing and lending or realistically much that he claims is bad is in fact fairly good but needs to be properly regulated, something that he opposes for the stupidest reasons, as this economic crisis has shown us yet again), so please take Pat's words of advice with a grain of salt (is that the expression?).

edit: To add insult to injury, here is a fun article that Solomon posted on the Election board that helps to explain the current crisis: Who is the Blame?

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