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You know guys, I was thinking about the similarities in Battler's and Lion's situations in EP4 and EP7 respectively. Both of them were told that the woman they thought to be their mother wasn't actually their mother. This information was quite a blow to them. Especially to Battler, who erased himself.

Either way, in addition to this, I remember the 2 Beatrices from EP4. Back in the day, many people used to talk about this, but it seems it's been sort of forgotten by now. I was thinking, could there be any connection between the 2 Beatrices and Zepar and Furfur.
People still talked about it after episode 6. It was a theory called Doubletrice. Formerly known as fusiontrice because the meta Beatrice character was supposed to represent a combination of the personalities of both of them.

Zepar and Furfur can be used as evidence for it as well I think, but it was mostly based on the two beatrice's in episodes 4 and 6.
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