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@ Aura Guess I should mention in it I made this theory originally out of twisting the possibilities of Shkanontrice's red dodging, in other words it's half a joke theory, but to me many things seems to point out to it so I wouldn't be very surprised.

Jan, lol, I see Battler's flaws but I don't remember saying he was perfect. There's a difference between an idealized Battler and a perfect Battler. I'm basically saying he's a Battler seen through the lens of someone in love with him.

We know from arc 4 that the first message bottle was sent in the sea days before the Rokkenjima incident. Had Battler came back to the island by then? No. Yet the arc still exists, and in it it tells of a tragedy that occurs. Also the idea that the message bottles were written in mere days is somewhat ridiculous.
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