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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Hey now, no one's ever accused him of being intelligent here...

I just play it safe by not eating any mushrooms, ever. Safe or not, I'm not touching them. Don't know whose bright idea it was to go about eating the parasites of the plant kingdom, anyway... they certainly don't taste good.
Mushrooms can be extremely healthy. The same properties that allow them to be parasites, to convert the toxic to usable, can be anti-cancerous in our bodies (Reishi, Shiitake, even Portabello and white caps). Not only that, but they are an excellent source of Vitamin D and selenium. There are more medicinal effects that have been known to traditional cultures and Chinese medicine still being studied.

Anyway, that guy is an idiot, but don't let him stop you from reaping the benefits from mushrooms. And hey, they do taste good - you just need them in the right dish!

edit: For some reason didn't read Vexx's post; he has way more info than I in there. Either way, eat your mushrooms people!
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