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I miss Haruhi
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Dropped MM cos it started degenerating: wtf, it was kinda acceptable to some extent that the male character was a masochist, but now it has become too weird: why the fuck does he transform in a super sayan with that belt, omg? It became too much non sense and demential. Also, many situations that could have been serious turned to be totally stupid.

On the other side, i started watching Hidan no Aria, which got suggested long ago. It had fallen in the oblivion, but i don't get why, since the setting is totally fine and i like the characters; also, since there is action, it's not boring at all. Sticking with it at the moment. I'll make sure to check the other titles you gave me above, since i didn't hear of many.

Ah, i skipped Ef - a tale of melodies because i thought i wouldn't have liked the protagonists of that sequel (Since i encountered them in the first series as secondary characters). I'll give it a chance nonetheless.
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