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Finished watching Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na and i simply loved it. The only tag would be drama/romance all the way. Was very emotional, it had 0 ecchi (The princess actually had big tits), it was just simple; ye, i would define it simple, and it still gave me wagons of feelings and emotions. It also had an end, a good end; i didn't know something that simple would have entertained me so much. Looking back at all my requests, i would have never picked up this title, so thank you for opening my eyes. I would put it on par with Onegai Teacher, so vote 9.6.

Now going for 11eyes, i'll keep this post updated if no other post come after this. Thanks again, keep suggesting; as you could see, even simple titles like this were a total win. All my requests could easily sum up in "Romance/Drama" tag.

Dramas with "person bound to bed" or "Person with some disease or constitutional inability(so any disastered life with no hopes whatsoever if not a total dispair) are banished. I loved the drama in Onegai Teacher and Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na, but i liked less the one in Ef: A tale of memories(The second storyline with that half blind girl who forgot everything everyday). Also, another common thing between those titles is that, even after all that drama, it ended in a good way. A sad ending title would kinda depress me, and cba to be in a sad mood all the day.

Yes to drama, but with a good ending.

Finished watching 11eyes and even tho it gave me the "Shana" feeling, as far as story was concerned, it took my interest from the very beginning of the series, and i ended up watching it to full. Unlike Shana, this had more characters interaction and more explicit "I love you", beside some (rare) ecchi scene, making it less frustating and more entertaining. The 11th episode was totally mindfucking, and before watching the last, my opinion of this anime had dropped to like zero. Last episode cleared up some mindfucking and introduced some parallel world theory to explain many blank spots in the story, and basically "fixed" what 11th ep had done.

This anime gave me the feeling of shakugan no shana: boy + girl with powers, parallel dark areas where to fight weird monsters, way more mindfucking etc, so basically i should rate it something like 7.5 or 8. However, due to the better character interaction and the more focusing on the relation between the two, compared to shana, made my vote rise up to 8.6. It was overall a good catch. Thanks for suggesting this title. Shakugan no shana would have been rated more if it gave more the romantic
feeling, instead of the never developing relation between shana and yuji for 3 seasons.

Finished watching FMP: Fumoffu! and it was an enjoyable show. Ye there was little romance, but characters were okay and it was funny. As far as it goes for what i was looking for, i'd rate it 8: it wasn't a romance but it entertained me nonetheless.

Astarotte no omocha gets trashed, since the girl is only 10 years old. Minimum age is 14-15.

I'm going to pass on Samurai girls aswell.

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