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Interesting. So for some reason, Athena is at the Sanzenin main mansion that is the residence of Mikado. Mikado does his Santa-san thing to get themselves a candidate to enter the Royal Garden. However, how does Ah-tan get up there based on the conditions listed? Maybe her parent's death was the catalyst, but then what was the plan? Why leave her up there alone?

I like your theory, but there are questions no matter how things play out.

I guess not enough people buy it, which frustrates me. However, I have noticed that many people who watch the anime have no interest in reading the manga. *sigh*

I like how this is obviously going to tie back to the first volume where Hayate remembers what Santa-san told him ten years earlier. I also like how Hina and Yukiji were shown as were as Sensei.
Actually I picked up the manga recently and only then realized that it was so much better than the anime (because it had a story) (though I loved the anime for what it was)
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