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As here on TV the shows are always once (or more) times a day, and I almost never concentrate on the newest shows, I never really had this problem. The only two shows I had to wait for a long time were School Rumble, and at some point there was like a year-long wait for the next episode, or something that felt that long, and yet I kept waiting for it. And it wasn't particularly my favorite show ever, so I don't think it's only if you like it. It's more if you get hooked by it that you keep informing yourself, and if I've watched a show for like over a certain number of episodes, I'll keep on looking for the other eps. The second show was Lain, I had to wait one year for the last DVD, but in that particular case it's true that I only watched it because I wanted to fill the show in my mind and imagination. I wasn't particularly attracted, but the show had something interesting about it, and it is full of things which can be discussed, and imagined after. And I like that.
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