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Originally Posted by Vexx
wow... talk about thread necromancy
Originally Posted by Radiosity do realise this is a 3 year old thread, right?
These two comments mirror my thoughts when I read this post:
Originally Posted by GreyArea
Surely that would only happen if you werent very interested in the show to begin with. Im currently watching Naruto, FMA and Gunslinger Girl, all of which I am galdly waiting for (Im watching other stuff while I wait though).
I think I'm on my third viewing of FMA now. Once the first time through, once through AS, and now once through the DVDs with my wife and son.

Late evenings is my goof off time. Generally I have all of my housework done by about 8:30 PM. My wife and kiddo head to bed at about that time. I don't sleep til midnight, so I have almost a set amount of time each day to watch anime (if I'm not in the middle of reading something, or, as is the case now, watching the NBA playoffs). I don't mind waiting for stuff I really enjoy, but there's plenty of shows that I just waited for them to be over to watch. Some of them I really enjoyed (Tsubasa Chronicles and Honey and Clover spring to mind), some of them I didn't (KGNE and Air), but for whatever reason, when I tried to watch them as they came out, I just couldn't keep interested from week to week.
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