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Pretty good episode but it kinda bored for me...
> Rosa's torture was okay but a bit dissapointed DEEN took out Sakutaro's VN scene & shortened Rosa's "self-introspection".
seriously...why is DEEN always doing it to Rosa? Her image in anime is a lot worse than VN's..!
She looks more like an evil mom rather than a frustrated one...
> Back to the torture scene, it was less bloody than what I had imagined. When I readt the VN, I imagined it would be a bloodbath torture scene..well, fracturing & twisting bone (plus Rosa's screams) in the anime was scary enough to traumatized me~ O.O
> Gaap... looks loli-ish..I got impression she is a mature woman from her VN sprite. Love her voice,'s sexy~ =D
> Also, I've noticed that some of the animation were odd.. like, Rosa's arm suddenly became very long during the torture scene & her wing crest was gone during family conference massacre~
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