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Well this was a messy episode. You'd think Rosa would choose a different approach after her hand got blown off . Maybe she just thought there was nothing left to lose at that point. Too bad Rosa was too distracted by the hand to use a comeback to "this way, you won't be able to hit me anymore, will you?" I figure with one more hand, two feet, and a head Rosa still had a few ways left to hit Maria. Still she did a good job defending herself considering her right hand was in broken bits on the floor.

Combined with the first twilight it was one heck of a mess. Heads getting twisted off, limbs getting deformed, heads getting blown to bits, etc. When the old guy takes charge he really speeds up the killing.

Guess we'll get to the Ange flashbacks later. Probably time to get into the actual crimes anyways. Wish Battler and company the best though they are hardly in for a good time there.
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