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I really enjoyed this episode, plenty of thrills & (blood) spills in this one. It'll be interesting to see what Kinzo has in mind for the cousins. I was kind of hoping to see a reaction from Battler about Virgilia's reappearance, given what happened in the last game, but i guess that'll come in due time probably.

I liked what i saw of Gaap & Siesta 00, moreso in 00's case given her actions toward Krauss and Rosa. It's just unfortunate that these characters have been introduced so late given that there's only a few episodes left...

Originally Posted by MeoTwister
Actually try and juxtapose it with the scene immediately afterwards. At least that's what most VN players think is the truth behind her repeated deaths.
Is it feasible to think that one of either Beatrice or Maria may've removed Rosa's memory of the entire event given their abilities, and having Maria being awoken from being asleep at the end of it, be nothing more than a coincidence? Rather than just intimating that it was just one big dream?
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