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Originally Posted by ginran View Post
oh...I always find these threads after people stop posting in them. lol, well if anyone sees this...since they still werent revealed in this game, when do you guys think we'll learn the remaining true names of the other members? If Im not mistaken, we still dont know:

Spoiler for Maybe a spoiler?:

also, sorry if this isnt the place to ask, but how do you think Demyx is supposed to be pronounced? as far as I know, it was only said once in KHII: Final Mix, which was in japanese...I'm used to it like this: "De-mix", but someone said its supposed to be "Dee-meex" or something like that. Xigbar was never said either, but Im pretty sure its said as "Zigbar".

Sorry if its a bad question, but I havent played Days yet, so if its said there then I wouldnt know.
I always thought of demyx as "dem-ex"
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