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Originally Posted by cors8 View Post
Let's be clear here. There are Republican seats in trouble too.

I think the mood in the country is anti-incumbent for both parties. Both parties have done a poor job so far.
I don't see any Republican seats in trouble at the moment. A ton of Republican senators are retiring and a year ago it looked like the Democrats could possibly expand their majority, but not now. Even Florida and New Hampshire seem safe for the Republicans. Though things could change between now and November.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
Mass had 2 Repb governor in the last 20 yrs both i believed serve 2 terms and were not voted out. Mass is blue but not as blue as people think.
State politics have nothing to do with national politics. Wyoming and Oklahoma have Democratic governors but no one thinks Democrats have a chance of picking up senate seats there. Same thing for Vermont with a Republican governor. It was very much the conventional wisdom the Democrats would easily keep the Massachusetts senate seat. That's why there weren't any exit polls yesterday: why waste the money when Coakley was up 20-30 points in December?
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