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I disagree with you all.
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Heard about this on Around The Horn today ( a sports show on ESPN). They, as I, am disgusted by the racism that screams at you in this instance. Last time I looked it is 2010 not 1910. How do we (united states), as a nation, justify this idea? Thank god so far no city has accepted the propal to host a team for said league. I am not a fan of basketball by any means. However, this is not only degrated and insulting to basketball players, but to every human being on the planet who has a working and well functioning brain. I cannot grasp the concept to segregating a league like this for any race. I will stop now before I seep bad language into this post.
Well, yeah, there's some racism behind that. Lots of racist stereotypes bandied about to justify the move. But, on the other hand... Sports are like porn. A trivial activity that for some baffling reason lots of people pay good money to watch other people practicing. Is it so shocking (or racist) to see porn movies clearly labeled as being about black males doing it with asian women while caucasian hermaphrodites watch?

So, really, I'm not sure if it's racism as much as it simply is people trying to make money.
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