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Originally Posted by KaoruLia View Post
LOL! Me too. I wonder what was Alto talking about in this scene...

Spoiler for 'best 10 scenes in movie':
hahaha, that made me laugh so hard!!!so un-Alto like!!! really weird hand position, too!

Originally Posted by karice67 View Post

"!! course not!!" (thinking: not yet, anyway...)

If you want to know what he really said, I'd needed a reminder, but thankfully it's written on the page.
Spoiler for text:
Alto really seems to hate his kabuki past, doesn't he?But I think he loves performing...he's a performer at heart, I guess...

Originally Posted by KaoruLia View Post
Thanks! I'm assuming he's talking about why he left Kabuki, right? It's interesting to hear Alto's thoughts out loud, because we didn't have the chance to know much about him in the TV series.
Hearing Alto's thoughts is a refreshing thing, isn't it?Although I'd rather hear his thoughts about something (ehem, someone) instead...
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