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Originally Posted by NightGale View Post
Well, the level 5 are ranked in how useful they´re to Aleister main plan(whatever it may be) not exactly on how "unique" is their power. Mikoto for example: her power is one of the most "ordinary" in nature, way more than Meltdowner. The indivual Misaka Mikoto, is also useless for Aleister´s plan;but, when you use her "ordinary" power in the radio noise project, is something completely different: In latter stages it could become a relay antenna to expand Aleister´s "artificial heaven" to a worldwide level. Regardless, Misaka Mikoto is "useless". Kakine Teitoku, may have had(well...) a unique power;but, he was just a "spare plan" for Accelerator and you never prioritize a spare over a main plan. I agree that Accelerator may not be "properly replaceable", but if Kakine was a "spare plan", it means that there were ways of circumventing, the loss of either or both Accelerator and Kakine, as i doubt a monster like Aleister would have just one spare plan. As for Touma, it may simply be the fact that Aleister is 100% that he doesn´t need a spare plan for him, as for why... well Touma may be immortal or partially immortal(growing an arm puts him on the regenerative level of a planaria,)
Nah, It's not been confirmed on how the heck they got those rankings so I really am not sure if it's about the usefulness of level 5. And if just usefulness then why create many level 5 of the same type even though they are not the main force or core plan of Aleister it's better for public sakes and more pawn to play with.

And Mikoto might be not that useless because she is the daughter of one of the higher ups. His big daddy yoh has even direct connection to Aleister. Trying to threaten the upside down guy without even knowing his daughter has 20001 clones and almost 10000 are already butchered for the sake of his artificial heaven. Such empty bluff. He is one of the higher ups in name only but still those guy has money on them and for public's sake needed for front of academy city. So Mikoto daughter of such guy and level 5 through hard work or so she thought is a good publicity for hardworking even though it's all a lie "the cake is a lie"

Accelerator might have another spare when his still just a normal ubber powered rank 1 esper. But after getting beat up by touma, acquiring black wings and evolving into an angel. There are no spare for him anymore. Kakine too. There is no spare for him because he awakens first than Accelerator in the fight between those two. But too bad his too late. His half assed awaken turn into full blown awaken was not shown how strong he become because his been too lax and lower his guard his been turn into fridge meat.
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