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^ That's basically the whole philosophical debate of whether or not altruism exists.
Deep question. I'd say everyone's selfish, does what they want to do; the really important part is why. Some do it because they like being the hero, or because they don't like being the bad guy. Compared to that, the way he hates to see suffering even more than he hates suffering himself is far more admirable. What would be better than hating to see suffering is loving to see people happy, but still he's a pretty good guy. I'd say altruism really exists, but it's difficult and Taichi comes closer than a lot of people I've seen.

Concerning this ep, I'm really worried about both Iori and Himeko. Inaba's biggest weakness seems to be that she can't accept others, or herself, enough to put herself forward, instead bottling everything up until it explodes. In a way, this is a good thing for her because the way she's going, eventually her feelings would overwhelm her anyway; this forces her to release them and show herself, so if she's able to accept the good and bad within her a bit from this she'll be far better for it.

Anyway, all things considered, it may be difficult for everyone to get through this one pure. As high schoolers, even Yui must have some strong desires at times, and if they're not careful any one of them may follow Inaba's example to its ultimate conclusion.
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