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Something else that occurred to me watching this week: Yui is REALLY strong. Like, even stronger than I realized before. Smashed hand aside, she split that table clean in two. The same table had just moments before easily supported the weight of an amorous high-schooler.

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Yeah, I completely agree with you on Inaba. I honestly feel sorry for her. She either doesn't have it in her to compete against her good friend Iori for Taichi, or she's convinced that Taichi would reject her if forced to choose between her and Iori.
I think you pretty much sum it up. While I don't doubt that Inaba and Taichi would make a good pair, Taichi's pretty much already chosen for now. So if it's the latter, she's sort of right. She probably doesn't feel the need to put him in a situation where he has to choose, especially if he's the type to pile enough guilt on himself to spoil his own happiness.

Even so, I can't help but feel that her primary motivation is related to her apparent belief that Iori is more emotionally fragile than her, and needs to be shielded from anything that might lead her to think that she has competition.

It could also just be a self esteem thing, putting others before herself. Like Taichi, she's not above degrading herself in front of her friends for their sake. The "I was looking at dirty pictures" dodge reminded me of his "I've masturbated to you" confession in that both were done with the goal of bringing some measure of comfort to a friend at the cost of potentially serious damage to their own reputations.

It's exactly this lingering reputation stuff that really drives me nuts about Heartseed. Is there really no one at home or school who questions the likelihood of Iori "accidentally" taking a tumble off a bridge? What kind of delinquent rumors were Yui and Aoki risking when they tangled with the law? What if Inaba hadn't been there when Fujushima started toying with Iori? Would Taichi have punched his class rep? His much smaller, female, glasses-wearing class rep? Can you ever recover from something like that?
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