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Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
And this episode exponentially magnifies the problem that carried over from last episode. Heartseed continues to be a poorly written character in that his purpose is to be a plot device to drive the story, rather than be a character that forms part of the story. It's extremely silly and far-fetched that the purpose of making the cast suffer is for his own "personal enjoyment". Sure, I've seen antagonists that derive pleasure from the suffering of others, but it was more in the grand scheme of things such as revenge at the world for making that antagonist suffer in the first place, or as a side element to world domination.
To be fair, there are some prominent antagonists in fiction that are like Heartseed.

Star Trek has Q, as well as a host of lesser one-shot antagonists that liked to toy with and test humanity.

Superman has Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Heartseed isn't hugely different from Q and Mr. Mxyztptlk. The main differences are:

1. Heartseed's less charismatic about it, so maybe that makes him less entertaining for some people. Q is a joy to watch for his scenery-chewing alone.

2. Heartseed's messing around with everyday teenagers, rather than the likes of Jean-Luc Picard or Earth's mightiest hero. This can make him seem somewhat more cruel, as the people he's toying with aren't as well-prepared for handling this sort of thing.

3. Heartseed never goes away for long.

So ultimately the basic character/plot concept is much the same, although Heartseed does take it to new heights by never going away for long. And I suppose that might be why some viewers dislike his presence in the show - It gets in the way of more naturalistic character development.

Still, that would leave Kokoro Connect as no different than dozens of other slice of high school life shows, wouldn't it? If Heartseed needs to be there in order to differentiate Kokoro Connect from dozens of other slice of high school life shows then Heartseed probably should be there.

I suppose you could have left the cause behind these body-switchings, and now these Id Mode moments, a complete mystery. But I honestly think that would infuriate more viewers than Heartseed himself does. I can just imagine all the viewers going "When are they going to explain what causes all this bizarre stuff?!" Honestly, I'd probably be singing much the same tune myself at this point, if not for Heartseed.

All of that being said, I do get your issues with Kokoro Connect. But I also think that those issues are kind of a hurdle you simply have to clear in order to enjoy Kokoro Connect. Once you get used to the "anime-ness" of Kokoro Connect (the audience-winking ecchi mixed with serious drama, the conventional anime comedy mixed with heartwarming character moments, how the two genders are treated way differently and in conventional anime style), I think you find a nice gem of a show.

It's not flawless, of course, but it is a genuinely ambitious show that executes it well-enough to give us very compelling and interesting characters. At least right now I think that Kokoro Connect's strengths greatly outweigh its weaknesses.
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