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Would we not get the Knox Rules in a Post-Land Chiru?

If Battler really had been a huge mystery fan from the beginning, it seems like they might only come up in passing conversation (Kind of like they already did in...Episode 2, I think), and not major plot points like in End.
Hm... maybe we would. Knox was to be used against Game Master Battler, and it would help a lot to solve Land. I think that having Knox to help the reader is actually more plausible after an insanely difficult gameboard like Land, and suitable for the answer arcs, than having knox after some bizarre but not so brainmelting gameboards.

So the original idea was like this: Battler as the detective and Battler as the Game Master was a pair of concepts to give us readers the view of both sides of the gameboard. So Question Arcs we are seeing from the POV of the detective trying to discover the truth, and in Answer arcs we are seeing from the POV of the witch trying to hide the truth. It'd help nicely to keep that idea of Beatrice's Game being eternal and almost unsolvable. And, because Umineko is S with it's readers, no matter what side you played you were going to get some good bosses to fight (Beatrice for anti-mistery and Virgilius for Anti-fantasy at the begining; BATTLER for A-M and Knox for A-F in chiru, with its variations.)

EDIT: erneiz, two posts before I put mine XD I'm slow writting... It's like Thunder book said, Virgilius was going to be some ruthless male detective solving the ruthless game of the witch. Or something like that.
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