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Let's see, I think the following are the most useful bits of information from the relevant interviews.

R: Actually, the difficulty level in EP3 has been set much lower than originally planned. The original plan was to use "Land of the Golden Witch" as the subtitle and create a super hard game. Readers have already gone through EP1 and EP2, so I wanted to increase the difficulty level. But as everyone now knows, the difficulty level in EP3 "Banquet of the Golden Witch" only goes as far as being on "equal level". It's already much easier than EP2's "highest level". I wanted to see how much of the story the readers have grasped. Although there were many readers like Keiya-san who came up with answers for EP2 on their own, I believed many people will find the EP3 prototype too difficult to understand. Therefore, we've greatly lowered the difficulty level, and then added many sub-characters into the game to accommodate the readers. It's common practice in the gaming world to lower the difficulty level for the sequel if the players found the first game too hard.
That's why some of the content originally planned for the answer arc is now included in the revised version of EP3. Schrodinger's Cat is one of them. Initially we were planning on having the readers figure out on their own that in Rokkenjima, as-yet-confirmed things exist simultaneously (mystery and fantasy). But we thought it would be too difficult to fathom out, so we gave it away early. We ended up having to scrap "Land of the Golden Witch" altogether.
R Because of that situation I cancelled the production of what was planned to be EP3, Land of the Golden Witch. Right after we released EP I thought "So, after the proper greeting by the witch, letís create a real evil, orthodox mystery incident." but because so many people abandoned reasoning all together I hurriedly changed the whole script. Because it felt necessary to give the player a character who would lecture him about how to think, Vargilia was born. There were plans for a character similar to Vargilia to appear in the story before, but it was to be a more agressive character who later became the basis for Erika.

K At that time there were already plans for something like Erika?

R It was a character who would argue with the main characters about reasoning, and become an antagonist, approaching everything from a different point than Battler. It was actually planned to introduce that character at the stage of EP3. At that time it was a man called Vergilius.

K The name is taken from the character Vergilius in Danteís Divina Commedia, right?!

R That is correct. But because a lecture like this became severely necessary, I changed the character Vergilius into the woman Vargilia. And because he changed into Vargilia, the connection to Kumasawa was created. At that point I stopped thinking about the character Vergilius at all, but now when I think about it, with a little struggling, you could call him the male version of Erika. Though a little bit more impertinent in her knowledge.

K At the time of EP2, Battler had a pretty hard time reasoning himself. If Vergilius had appeared then, the plot would have become an even fiercer battle?

R It became a fierce battle either way, didnít it? In my head EP1 was supposed to be nothing more than an opening, during which you get to remember the structure of the characters and the mansion. EP2 was to be the beginning of the fight. And EP3 was to mark the beginning of the truly orthodox incidents. I really thought about putting many difficult riddles into Umineko from start to finish, butÖ I donít think I would be able to make you enjoy Land, now that all of you have learned about the truth. If the answer is already out, itís laughable to try and hide it with difficult riddles. At best it would be funny. Maybe youíd think "Hey, that makes up for some of it". Well that might happen, but almost all of the tricks planned for Land have been divided up and mixed into what became EP4~6. I really hear you asking for a release of Land, but Iím afraid Iím just not able to do that anymore.
...But I still think it would be fun! Would be good to have a forgery. A tough, orthodox mystery. (Okay, it's obvious that any fan of the series would be able to guess some of it, but still...)

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'Our Confessions' I think, was a written scketch of the gameboard in Land, right? From there, we can think that some of the clues presented in the EPs that replaced Land (3-4 and some loose hint in 5-6? I can't remember...) were going to be in the META layer. There wouldn't be that huge-ass hint about ignoring the unreliable narration (that TV thinghy that Virgilia said) And of course, Beato wasn't going to be as forgiving as she was in her previous/next gameboards so there had to be some strong reasoning made by Battler.
Was Our Confession really meant to be a sketch of Land? That's the first I've heard of that. On the other hand, all I've seen of it is the summary by LyricalAura.
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