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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Yes! He beat out Jesus Yamato!

Too bad about Asuna though, and I wish Marika was on that list ;__; Ah well, Saber deserves top spot.
I think this is the first time Asuna is on the list. Not sure what episodes this takes into account, but I suspect she'll get a bit higher.

Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
For how many years have Kira&Lacus been in that poll?
Pretty much near continuously. Though to be fair, the whole Gundam Seed Remastered is going on right now, so that probably gives them a boost.

Originally Posted by Kismet-chan View Post
I actually don't think that Kirito deserves to be number one personally... But to each his or her own.
I'm not too surprised that he landed it. SAO is a popular show right now, and the voters seem to favor strong/smart/competent characters.
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