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It's interesting to see the role reversal this episode. In previous episodes, you'd see Sheryl billboards wherever you looked. Now, it's all Ranka (except for the tiny Sheryl advertisement next to Ranka's giant Nyan-Nyan ad). Meanwhile, Sheryl seems less focused on her career, and more occupied with discovering the things that she's missed out on in life. Which is good: she deserves a break.

To be fair, Alto wasn't really choosing between Sheryl and Ranka; rather, he was choosing between something that he's always dreamed of doing and something that Ranka wanted him to do for her own sake.

Alto is an otaku. A girl can't possibly expect to reach out to him if she doesn't understand his needs. Of course, once he gets what he wants, it's pretty much impossible to regain his attention...

I'm worried about Sheryl's sickness, though. I wouldn't expect that she'd suddenly feel weak and drop her drink like that if it were just a simple cold. Ominous times.
Well the NE 2 virus is pretty insidious since he causes a very high fever. Boiling brain=unable to function. In other words it's not a "simple" cold virus. I'm thinking those people in beds on the news were have the same thing.
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