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Well we saw how she reacted when Nanoha almost died before StrikerS. So it'd be like that... but worse. *Needs more Vita/Nanoha fiction*
I need to get writing...

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Looks that way. The first four (after the diggers) seem to be Vita, Signum, Shamal and ... Hayate? Who are all saluting. Although I'm not sure why Vivio would be clinging to Hayate.

I'm guessing that it's Fate holding the umbrella. With Nanoha(?) and Subaru under it... although It seems unlikely that that is Nanoha. But if it's Ginga and Subaru under the umbrella then that'd be Nanoha that Vivio is clinging to. So where is Hayate?

In my opinion, from right to left: Signum, Vita, Hayate (hair is too short to be Shamal) Nanoha, Vivio, Ginga, Subaru (the ribbon on the taller one is Ginga's) Fate, Cinque, ...Griffith? Not sure, can't make out the one hiding his/her face and Nove (probably. The little spike on top of her head makes me think so.)

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...How long is it until Comiket?
15th of August, only two days away.
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