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... and you guys bring up a peeve of mine yet again... Tsukune was NOT, I repeat, WAS NOT set-up by the higher-ups to go to Youkai Academy. Sure, it's only Tsukune's dad's thought bubble, but we're clearly shown that the flyer was accidentally dropped by a monk who was collecting them. In the anime only did they show the exorcist purposely drop a flier. However, it was the bus driver who brought Tsukune to Youkai Academy in the first place... and as we've seen, the Demon Lords are always in the thick of things. Besides, I'm sure the driver could smell that Tsukune was a human, and informed the Headmaster/Exorcist soon thereafter.

So, think about this: the purpose of Youkai Academy is to get monsters to interact with humans. So, what better way than to bring a human into the school, and see how a human survives amongst monsters? We've seen this before, with Hokuto. However, they lost Hokuto, and therefore their human specimen. Around comes Tsukune, another human... do you really think the higher-ups aren't going to jump on this chance? Then add in Moka to the equation which keeps Tsukune there... I do believe the higher-ups are smiling big time, having another human in the school
After reading enough manga, there are never any coincidences. Just like with Hokuto I'm sure he was singled out for some reason.

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