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Originally Posted by VezSketch View Post
She caught her first in her hand (you know, augmented strength) with ease, a simple barrier would not allow you to do that. There's no getting around that with your speculation, it's a fact.
The field-type defensive spell allow for this, and is far more likely given Nanoha's skill with defensive magic.

Originally Posted by VezSketch View Post
It kind of does count as physical strength, Vita isn't as strong as others in Force and she was able to lift over millions of tons with ease. Cypha destroy a mountain sized iceberg and turned it into bits with one slash. Subaru can't do that, meaning she'd lose in arm wrestling repeatedly. In a non-magical fist fight ...
Flawed argument, given that magical slash attacks and magical endurance are far from the same thing. Subaru's physical strength has more caveats than this. Cyborg + magic X rank = different answer then you would get if you would do human + magic X rank.

As a cyborg, Subaru has a raw physical strength that rivals Nove, who has an equivalent of a AAA rank in physical strength. Without magic. Now add Subaru's AA magic rank on to that, and Subaru will push at least into the S-rank when it comes to physical strength.

Originally Posted by VezSketch View Post
Magical driven devices that are protected by magic doesn't relate to the user? Makes pretty sense.
He's got a partial point that devices can be designed for offense, speed, support or defense. Beyond that... well, yeah. Giving Raising Heart to a random TSAB smuck is not going to do much.

Originally Posted by VezSketch View Post
Curren is much stronger than Vita (a quick tip in powerscaling, this would mean she could replicate Vita's giant hammer lift feat) and Erio, yeah. And you should be well aware Thoma (again, when he was fighting Nanoha > him currently), Curren, and a Reacted Cypha are the Eclipse Drivers with the best showings.
I would not go this far. The difference between using energy for magic attacks and using energy for physical enhancement is as far apart is running is from punching. Being good at one does not automatically make you good at the other. Case in point: Hayate. Shit-tons of mana, chain-nuke spells that make Nanoha shuffle her feet, sucks worse than Caro in melee. Reason? No aptitude for it.

Just because Curren is stronger than Vita in ranged piercing attacks does not mean she can replicate her hammer lift. That's physical strength and endurance.
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