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Hi. I'm looking for a couple more Anime to watch that meets my criteria. I'm having a hard time finding more to be honest, they should make more of these lol

1) I'm searching for an anime with great art. Usually like them more newer, recently. I mean I've seen quite a few Anime, I mainly like the ones no older than 2007 mainly to be honest.

2) Action-packed is a must. Magical/Supernatural/Super Power included. Mecha & Military are good also.

3) Generally I do like the main guy character that has a bad@$$ character, sort of much like Kazuma and Lelouch.

4) I do admire the girls, like CC, Saber, Baby&Teenage Rin, Shana, Holo/Horo, Hime, etc. If you know them, put the pieces together in terms of their personalities, like take no prisoners & kick @$$, plus the cuteness overload!

5) Ecchi turns me off mainly. A bunch of kiddie comedy stuff isn't to my liking either. They just ruin it!

6) I'll make a little list of what I've watched & loved: Fate series, Code Geass, Shakugan no Shana, Accel World, Kaze no Stigma, Sola, Angel Beats, etc. No real theme relation I know, but maybe you can visual how I like my Anime a bit this way.

Hopefully I can get some good answers here. I've recently took a sudden interest in Guilty Crown & The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, how are those for a quick suggestion? Thanks!

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