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Originally Posted by Angelsama
It makes you think that if second season was a game.. if Aisia's true ending kept everyone happy, or if it would just end up Aisia getting Junichi - now thats something i'd wanna see.
Now, that's an interesting comment! My take is that in spite of Aisia's insistence that it was all about "making everyone happy", the real truth was that it was just her selfishness and jealousy, along with her characteristic naivety. I think the tree proved this when it let her wish take shape - even though it actually looked good at first (to Aisia), it didn't actually bring happiness to anyone. So, if this had been a game, I think the "true ending" would have been just like Sakura's true ending in the game - her dreams and wishes start coming true but she realizes how this is actually causing pain to others and so kills tree and says goodbye (just like in S.S.).

Originally Posted by AvatarST of the things I do wonder is if this is a continuation of DCPC or DCSS. Will we see anything of Aishia? Any descendant?
Hmm... hard to say for sure. They never did give Aisia a last name, so even if there were a descendant, there'd be no obvious hints at this point. I have a feeling that S.S. was the entirety of Aisia's story and that, while she is part of D.C. canon (I think?), we probably won't see anything more than a possible side-reference in the new game. But, really, who knows...

Originally Posted by Angelsama
A descendant of Aisia would be a good idea, then you've got someone to carry on the magical part of the series.
That's why I think it's telling that Sakura's still around and will be looking over all of this taking place (with Yoshiyuki apparently living at her house, and with her being the school principal). Should make for a very interesting perspective on all the goings-on with the tree...
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