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Playing through the demo completely, it's sort of a prologue to the actual game, taking place a few months before.

Major Points:
Junichi's still around, gramps to Otome and Yume. No sign of Nemu.
Yume has inherited the cooking of death.(4 confirmed victims for the scenario)
Yume also inherits Junichi's "Katarui..."
Suginami is still a trickster, but lacks the full skillset that the original one did.(His information network isn't extensive enough)
Anzu is...dangerous...scheming...her and Suginami comboing is a VERY dangerous thing...
Wataru is...Suginami without even a quarter of his skills...I think...
Yoshiyuki was taken in to the Asakura household some 10 years before DC2, and was apparently born with the Dream-seeing skill. Junichi taught him the wakashi(Japanese Sweet) magic trick.
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