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Hmm, fitting-in anxiety, eh? I had a hell of a time my first year because I hated school rules, I hated waking up early, I hated school events and I hated the seniors. Stupid, ugly, bossy numbskulls. I still don't like them. So for advice...obey all the school rules, do all your chores on time and try to get along with your seniors. >__<

"Be yourself" is cheesy advice, but in boarding school you're going to be with the people 24/7 so any fakeness will show up sooner than ketchup on a white shirt. Join clubs you're interested in, smile, be friendly, you'll be fine. Don't be too desperate to find a "clique" right off the bat, just take your time and feel out the people you really want to hang out with. The first year's the hardest, after that the time just flies.
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