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Originally Posted by Gin View Post
Idk if you've ever experienced sarcasm. But I do know you have experienced being rickrolled.
On a serious note, I have had a gun pulled on me, it sucks but I'm still alive today because I didn't lose my cool like your post tells me you would have. Aren't you 16? Don't pretend like you have knife/gun fight experience, I doubt you ever even held a gun irl. There are only 3 things I'm scared of: Snakes, Electricty, and Needles, or any combination of those 3.
It's kinda hard to detect sarcasm on forums. 16 is actually a bit late...most of the kids here experiences it 13-14. But I'll be honest, my only gun fight experiences are ones wherein people just point them and pause. Holding guns are pretty normal though..I've had three guns. They were given away. Guns are like treasure here...I don't know...everyone wants guns...they're like cars. Anyways, back to the topic, IMO what truly is important is the skill of independence and to do that, you have to try w/o advice.

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