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I remember trying to read this some months ago. I didn't understand squat.

It took that example I gave to finally realize: "Holy crap. I can use this 'suji' knowledge as an offensive weapon." Of course, when there's an offense, there's a defense to respond to it; and that defense is mapped out right in that guide.
I'm going to go and say this. The best defense against people who use suji offensively is to know when you should totally betaori, and when you do, always play the tiles in the safest order; do not keep ANY thought about "keeping a hand together" or something like that if it conflicts with it. In a situation that calls for total bailing, there's only one thing that would make me play less safe tiles as opposed to safe tile - if I have a lot of the former but little of the latter. And even then I'd only do it if the difference in safety is very small.

Also, the "senki-suji" thing, as with any theory that tries to guess what the dangerous tiles are, is essentially useless because of how inaccurate they can be, and how that in almost all situations, you can see safe tiles as opposed to having to forcibly guess the dangerous tiles, and it's ALWAYS superior to do the former rather than the latter when there's a choice.
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