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Originally Posted by Marina2 View Post
- Arakawa Kei appeared in the group picture at the end of ep.25 of Saki

- Achiga team talked about her in ep.3

- She is in the preview of next ep. (the one in nurse uniform)
Nurse Kei now??? Bet she will see this coming.

Just rewatched episode 6 through nico nico douga.(Guess what... "牌乳ガンダム", solve this quote I get from nico nico douga. Hint:Mahjong missiles or it can be something else?(or use the words "牌乳" and change the words.) Arata's step is also a normal MS step.(Got pulse one.))

Originally Posted by Akarin View Post

No brakes on the rape train.

To Akarin: A bomb is set on your car. Your car will explode if you decrease your speed.

Wind vs Fire... Fire loses as wind blows the fire away?(But it say be different if its the other scenario.)
Fire vs Thunder... I have no idea...
Fire vs water... Spray it away guys.
Wind vs Thunder... No idea...
Wind vs water... They look like friends...
Thunder vs water... Water with impurities will conduct electricity but pure water no...

So from season 1, Teru ability looks like a mirror(From Yuuki's perspective it is not looking good...), which what I will predict, a mahjong history for her enemy players, and counters it/ make use of it to her advantage. I know how to defeat this one... But I won't say it.(I will give a hint though, she is vanguard so the people in the vanguard area is danger, but hint to beating her is up to 1 person whether she wants to destroy her skill or not.)

A mirror is like a wall, but it is showing your own nature, if you throw that nature away and know your true self, the mirror will be destroyed.

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