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Originally Posted by Kyuu
Well. In this Achiga episode -- Teru is facing a whole press conference, with Live TV and many reporters. A professional demeanor is required to handle it.
Yes, It could possibly be that. But, Teru is affected by that question regarding her imouto regardless. She might be less polite when she was with Nishida but she visibly closed up when she was asked about Saki.

I really wonder about that long pause before she answered Nishida, its as if she was hesitating in answering that question. If Teru doesn't care about Saki there will be no hesitation or just plain disinterest. In fact I would say that Teru denying her sister meant she is still emotionally invested on Saki. After all, it takes a lot of emotion to hold a grudge that lasts for years.

Another theory is that there is an outside factor that is forcing Teru to act this way like perhaps the yakuza. Lol after all this is a mahjong anime .

Originally Posted by Triple_R
Well, the main reason I went with "Saki used to defeat Teru alot, and adopted the 'plus-minus zero' approach as a way of throwing matches to Teru" is because I vaguely recall Saki mentioning something about her family getting upset when she'd win.
Your not remembering it wrong, I just rewatched the original series - the reason that Saki gave to her plus/minus zero approach is if she loses her family will take her candy ( anime ) or money (manga) and they will get angry if she wins.

The exact quote from the manga is this "I remember not wanting to lose my new year's money. And if I won everyone would get angry, so I remembered never to let myself win."

Wait I just noticed something... SAKI PLAYED +/- 0 at AGE 6?!!!
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