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Time for me to come throw a wet blanket...

Love is full of trials and tribulation. Parents may object. And when you do get married, you have to content with the in-laws. The kids produced from love will deprieve you of sleep. The pressure of work can sometimes make you crack and do things to your beloved spouse and kids that you are going to regret.

And all this will make you lose hair until the old age, when you retire, the kids go out and suffer what you had suffered, and that's when you can finally have quality time with your beloved spouse.

Unfortunately, after like 2 decades of peace, both you and your beloved will go six feet under.

To get straight to the point, your troubles are just beginning.


Ok, enough gloomy stuff. Good luck. You will need it.

(Ok, I never fell in love with a real girl, but heck. Can't resist being a wet blanket like I always did)
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