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The announced changes look promising, they are certainly all things that I think would make the game better. Can I really trust that we'll have a better diplomacy this time? That was the weakest point of Civ V in my opinion, followed by a very poor AI in combat situations (and we got no mention of any improvements on that side).

The new graphic is leaving a lot of people disappointed (me included), they seem to have taken a cartoony direction instead of a more realistic one, I hope the final product will have at least less saturation, but still, given what has been leaked so far I doubt the graphic jump will be as big as it was in the case of civ IV to civ V.

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Or Civilization V.
Civ BE is a total mess with several completely unbalanced stuff, and the expansion just make it worse. Civ V, especially after the two expansions, at least is balanced and playable.

I seriously hope that Firaxis will spend more in beta-testing this time, because Civ BE was ridden with absolutely retarded bugs that made entire game contents inaccessible.

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