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I've finally been able to watch the first two eps, and I've got to say that I really like what I see (and hear) - so keep in mind that my exposure is a bit limited so far, but these are my honest first impressions:

1) The English dub differs significantly from the translation. It's like listening to a third version. Heavily localized with lots of slang expressions, but quite well-done (even though on some occasions the dub says the exact opposite of what was REALLY said in Japanese). Still, an enjoyable experience, and I like the editing.

2) The dub is certainly one of the better performances. Mitsuki and Shinji are excellent, Takayuki and Akane are pretty good. Haruka has the one problem which plagues most English dubs: She isn't speaking with her natural voice. Instead, she's got to use a falsetto-kind "throat" voice, which seriously hurts the immersion because it simply sounds unnatural. It's not so bad that it would cause me to switch the audio track though (a common fate for R1 releases unfortunately), still quite acceptable. But a disturbance to me.

3) I'm very pleased with the subtitle translation so far. Good solid work, and as far as I can tell pretty close to the original Japanese, but flowing quite well. They even kept the honorifics! And while the DVD box summaries were an example of how you should NOT do it (extremely biased), the subs seemed okay so far. Let's see how things go when we get to the crunch time eps.

Overall, I feel that my money was well-spent. Good work from Funi!
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