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Originally Posted by Freeter View Post
Just finished watching vol. 2, what a rush. I like how the creators manage to mix both comedy and drama and have it all flow naturally. There's never a moment where it feels inappropriate. Bonus points for Daikuuji for stealing every scene she's in and having secret connections. Who was that woman anyway?

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Well, on the other hand, they split all 14 episodes on 3 DVDs, instead of more-usual 4 which would've afforded more extras. I think that's pretty telling. I'm not necessarily saying that we should just be grateful that we got anything at all, but at the same time I think we have to realize that this probably isn't something Funimation can afford to splurge on in the current market. Certainly, though, if you have the ~$400 to get the R2 release, and can still find all the firstpress releases, it's definitely nicer (you get what you pay for...).

That being said, I should also point out that a lot of R1 DVDs don't have colour booklets, trading cards, OSTs, or much in the way of extras -- and in fact, a lot of R2 releases are the same way. It really varies widely.
Still they could have at least gotten some better artwork for the DVD case.
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